What are you going to do about that novel you always intended to write?

Here is professional advice on writing and selling every kind of commercial fiction—
from romance, western, adventure, mystery,
and espionage to occult, science fiction, and fantasy.

Written by a noted author...

...in the increasingly popular and lucrative
field of genre fiction, this guide brings you the kind of practical, down-to-earth knowledge you must have to avoid the trials of receiving rejection letters and get on with the exciting and profitable business of being a published novelist.

Inside these pages, John Stevenson covers nineteen genres and subgenres...

...of fiction that sell outstandingly well in today’s marketplace. He includes lists of
role-model authors for each genre, plus
specific information on:

* Selecting your genre
* Writing techniques for each genre
* Researching and plotting
* Characterizations in genre fiction
* Handling dialogue, narrative, and transition
* Reviewing and revising your own work
* Marketing your book
* And much more

John Stevenson

John Stevenson has published more than twenty
thrillers, spy novels, westerns, and nonfiction
books for such publishers as Jove, Charter,
Pinnacle, Mondadori, Tower, and Arco.